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Our Title Sponsor!

Sponsored by Bow Mark Paving and Concrete

Bow Mark Paving and Concrete

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Thank you Bow Mark !  Our title sponsor supporting local sports for over 40 years!

Oilers Whiteout Game!


1st Annual Whiteout Game November 7th, 6:30pm Pason Arena

In partnership with FCHS

In support of Movember

Recent Bow Mark Midget AAA Oilers News

Your 2019-2020 Bow Mark Oilers

By LW 09/26/2019, 9:30pm MDT

Bow Mark Boys Giving Back !

By LW 09/26/2019, 9:30pm MDT

The Bow Mark Boys gave back to the community this past weekend as they helped sod the new inclusive playground at Dr.Morris Gibson School 

BowMarkOilers Bow Mark Oilers Hockey Club BowMarkOilers

Educational Home Bow Mark Oilers

Foothills Composite High School


Sponsored by O Town Auto & Diesel Inc.

O Town Auto & Diesel Inc.

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Sponsored by Murray Chrysler Power Play Sponsor

Murray Chrysler Power Play Sponsor

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This Hemi Power Play is brought to you by Murray Chrysler Okotoks, where our reputation is your guarantee!”

Sponsored by Infinite Chartered Accountants

Infinite Chartered Accountants

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Sponsored by My Family Dental

My Family Dental

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Sponsored by Trico Homes

Trico Homes

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Thanks to Trico Homes for being our Helmet Sponsor.

Pre Form Modular

Your Bowmark Oilers Pre Form Modular Penalty Kill

The Bow Mark Buddy


October 12th Buddy is Kai Burness from the Novice Oil Dawgs!  With Assistant Captain Lucas Watkins!  Kai will enjoy 3 Bow Mark Oiler Guest coaches at practice this week!

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