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Registration for the 2023 Spring Showcase is NOW OPEN


Registration is capped by position.  Please register early if you do not want to miss out. A waiting list will be started for late registrants.

Players that register but do not currently play for a division/tier listed for their Showcase will be asked to withdraw.

If you have any questions please email the OOAA registrar Lindsay Graw at


April 22- April 30th. Please refer to the below master schedule or the Showcase tab for dates and time of the Showcase you are registering for,


The Showcase fee is $250.00 for 4 sessions 

Number of ice times

The Showcase will consist of 2 skills  and 2 games. U15AAA camp the first years will have a checking clinic as their first skills.

 Players will have exit interviews with OOAA Staff to provide feedback after their last session.

Total number registrants per Showcase

U18AAA Bowmark/ U17AAA- 36 Forwards, 18 Defence, 6 Goalies  (Goalies are FULL)

U15AAA- 36 Forwards, 18 Defence, 6 Goalies  SHOWCASE IS  FULL

U13AA Oilers ,24 Forwards, 12 Defence , 4 Goalies (Goalies are FULL)

U18AAA Raiders 24 Forwards, 12 Defence , 4 Goalies  (Defence is FULL) 

U15AA Raiders, 24 Forwards, 12 Defence , 4 Goalies 

Registration will be open to the following players:

U18AAA Bowmark/U17AAA  Oilers showcase  (2006,2007,2008 born players) will be limited to players that played U18AAA, U17AAA,U16AA, U15AAA, U15AA all draw zones and players that played in alternative leagues with approval. Alternative league players please email for approval PRIOR to registering. 

U15AAA Oilers showcase (2009,2010 born players) will be limited to players that played U15AAA, U15AA all draw zones, U13AA all draw zones, U15 Tier 1 and U15 Tier 2  and players that played in alternative leagues with approval. 

Alternative league players please email for approval PRIOR to registering.

U13AA Oilers showcase (2011,2012 born players) The U13AA Okotoks draw zone is OKOTOKS only. The Showcase will be limited to Okotoks players that played U13AA in Okotoks, U13 T1, U13 T2,U11 HADP Okotoks players, U11 T1 Okotoks players and players that played in alternative leagues.

The U18AAA Raiders showcase  (2006,2007,2008 born players) is an OPEN borders team. Players that played U18AAA, U18AA and U15AA  all teams, Sports Schools and alternative leagues are invited to register.

U15AA Raiders showcase  (2009,2010 born players)  Players that live within the Okotoks draw zone that played U15AA, U15A, U13A Raiders and females that played on mainstream teams, Sports Schools teams and players that played in alternative leagues are invited to register.


OOAA Director of Coach Development job posting




OOAA is looking to fill the position of Director of Coach Development starting with the 2023/2024 season. This position reports directly to the executive of the OOAA and is a key person in the overall development of the hockey operations of the association.

The Director of Coach Development is a paid position and will require engagement into an employee contract with the OOAA.


Duties of Coach Director:

  • Works closely with the OOAA executive and Division Directors is all coaching matters of the association
  • Coordinate the Coach Selection Committees annually for the open coach positions
  • Coordinates and approves coach development
  • Meets regularly with Coaching Staff and assists them with their concerns
  • Observes a sample of team practices and games through the season to ensure the Policies and Procedures are being observed
  • Ensure that a Head Coach performance survey is completed by Parents and Players
  • Hosts a year end meeting with each Head Coach at the completion of the hockey season
  • Makes recommendations to the Coach Selection Committee and the Board regarding the retention of a Head Coach for a subsequent season
  • Works with the Spring Showcase committee on the format and involvement of the coaches

Interested candidates please email your resume to Rob Ellis at no later than April 1, 2023

Hockey Alberta Memo in regards to daytime programming


Once you have competed your player permission form please email it to Dan Laplante for his signature.

Hockey Alberta Elite Male Pathway document

This document was created to outline and promote the programs within the Hockey Alberta system. 

Hockey Alberta Survey

On Nov 28, the AA and Elite Male Committee launched a survey to all AA/AAA players in the province to get a better understanding of the elements of elite sport players value most and to understand their satisfaction with those elements in their current hockey experience. The results of the survey will help guide the Committees on what elements of the AA/AAA Models need the most immediate attention and also how the AA/Elite Committee can better support AA Recruitment Area and Elite Draw Zone hosts like yourself. Attached is a summary of the results and the results for your Recruitment Area/Draw Zone. If you have any questions on these results, how to interpret them, or what to do with them please do not hesitate to reach out.

Hockey Alberta Memo

Bulletin 22-08 - AFHL U15AA and U13AA Franchises

Hockey Alberta’s Elite Female Hockey Committee has been reviewing the location and number of teams at each level of hockey within the Alberta Female Hockey League (AFHL). We are continually reviewing and identifying ways to ensure alignment within the Elite Female Hockey Model as well as establishing a progression for players within the entire hockey system. The review focused on the following areas:

  • Current and historical registration numbers (within Recruitment Areas and provincially);
  • Competitiveness of the teams;
  • Each Host MHA’s commitment to player development;
  • Each Host MHA’s commitment to growth and development of grassroots female hockey;
  • Impact to existing Minor Hockey Associations.

On November 2, Hockey Alberta announced the addition of a new U13 AA division within the AFHL, as well as expansion of the U15 AA division, and officially opened an application process for Minor Hockey Associations (MHAs) to apply to host those teams.

  • The addition of a U13 AA division provides a competitive all-female option for female athletes that enter the Elite system, and establishes a development pathway for athletes to progress through.
  • Expansion of the number of U15 AA teams is a direct result of increasing numbers of female players entering and progressing through the Elite Female Hockey Model.

After a thorough review of all applications, Hockey Alberta’s Elite Female Hockey Committee is excited to announce the addition of the following Host MHAs, effective for the 2023-24 season:

  1. U13 AA - 16 Teams
    Host MHAs: Airdrie, Bonnyville, Calgary (3), Camrose, Edmonton (2), Grande Prairie, Leduc, Lethbridge, Lloydminster, Okotoks, Red Deer, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert
  2. U15 AA - Addition of 2 Teams
    1 in Calgary (3 total)
    1 in Edmonton (2 total)

The Elite Female Committee also identified the need to address the operational structure of the South Central recruitment area. The current structure included two Host MHAs separately operating teams within the same recruitment area and lacked unified leadership. After working with the Host MHAs, it was determined one Host MHA was required, and Airdrie MHA will take on the responsibility of hosting all U13 AA, U15 AA and U18 AA teams in the South Central recruitment area.

The Elite Female Hockey Committee is working with all Host MHAs to finalize details of program and league operations for the upcoming season. We will also continue to review the structure and alignment of U18 AAA and U18 AA, discussing a potential expansion in the 2024-25 season.

OOAA Year End Awards Ceremony

Save the date – Tuesday March 28th OOAA Year End Awards Ceremony.


Carolyn Berven and Nicki Simard have kindly offered to run our Year End Awards Ceremony.   Please set this date aside.


We will be sending out additional details for in the coming months.





M/W/F- 2:45PM TO 4:00PM

T/TH- 12:15PM TO 1:30PM


M/W/F- 8:30AM TO 9:45AM

T/TH- 10:30AM TO 11:45AM


M/W/F- 8:15AM TO 9:30AM

T/TH- 10:15AM TO 11:30AM



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Okotoks Oilers Athletic Association (OOAA)

Welcome to the Official Website of The Okotoks Oilers Athletic Association. OOAA is responsible for all Male and Female AA & AAA teams from U13 AA  to U18 AAA  levels of hockey in Okotoks Alberta.  


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