OOAA Alumni, and Previous Award Recipients


Player Awards

Okotoks Oilers Athletic Association Award Descriptions

Most Improved Player This is awarded to the Player that has exhibited the greatest growth in hockey skills, on-ice knowledge and overall performance from the beginning of the season to the end
Top Scorer This goes to the Player with the most points during regular season league play
Best Defenseman Awarded to the most outstanding all round defenseman on the team
Oiler Award This award goes to the Player who best exemplifies the Oiler spirit of determination, teamwork, coach-ability and dedication
Most Valuable Player This award goes to the Player whose contributions meant the most to the team. It is not necessarily the best Player on the team, although it could be, but is the Player in whose absence the team’s performance would suffer most
Markus Lavallee Memorial Award It will be awarded to the player that is deemed to have consistently exhibited the qualities that made Markus such a special, loved and respected person.
Markus would be proud to know that this scholarship will be awarded to the teammate who most exemplifies dedication to his family, team, community and personal development. In so doing we will continue to remember Markus for his kindness, caring, compassion and positive energy for a game he dearly loved.
This dedicated teammate will also model work ethic, enthusiasm and determination in striving to achieve both personal and team goals. In so doing they will inspire and encourage others to want to better themselves. Like Markus, this teammate will also model respect and support for others, including opposing players, coaches, fans and game officials. In leading by example, this player will always choose to do the right thing, especially when others are not looking. Playing
like Markus means playing with heart and never giving up on your teammates or yourself. As we continue to move forward into this hockey season and beyond we want players to aspire to be the best they can be as true leaders both on and off the ice.
The Bow Mark McArthur Award This is awarded to a male U18 AAA Player by Bow Mark Paving & Concrete. The award is presented to the player that is deemed to have consistently exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct combined with a high standard of playing ability

Service Awards 

Volunteer of the Year Awarded to an individual who has shown exemplary dedication and service to the programs of the OOAA during the hockey season or past seasons. It may be awarded to any Member of the Association
Ralph Brown Award

Awarded to an individual with a history of involvement with the OOAA who has made a substantial contribution over a number of years


Okotoks Oilers Athletic Association - Award Recipients












OOAA Alumni 

Players on the chart below have played on an OOAA AA or AAA team in their career, and have played a minimum of one regular season game in Junior A and above. 

Please contact kmeyer@okotokshockey.com for any updates to the chart.               
(Chart courtesy of Greg Krebs)




Jr A



Highest Pro

Elite Prospects Link

Kyle McDonough 2007 Langdon   Portland     Kyle McDonough
Conner Radke 2006 Langdon Drumheller Kamloops     Conner Radke
Luc Trevors 2006 Langdon Canmore       Luc Trevors
Wyatt Yule 2006 Gleichen Drumheller       Wyatt Yule
Caden Kemkaran Humble 2005 Okotoks Whitecourt / West Kelowna       Caden Kemkaran Humble
Ethan Moore 2005 Okotoks   Calgary     Ethan Moore
Will Harris 2005 Okotoks Grande Prairie       Will Harris
Kade Sicotte 2005 High River Melville       Kade Sicotte
Tyson Endall 2005 Chestermere Calgary Canucks       Tyson Endall
Cyle Clayton 2004 Strathmore Drumheller       Cyle Clayton
Liam Watkins 2004 Okotoks Spruce Grove       Liam Watkins
Conyr Hellyer 2004 Okotoks Okotoks       Conyr Hellyer
Sam Callahan 2004 High River Camrose / Canucks       Sam Callahan
Nick Fomradas 2004 Okotoks Nipiwan       Nick Fomradas
Daniel Hauser 2004 Chestermere   Winnipeg     Daniel Hauser
Tate Yule 2004 Strathmore Drumheller       Tate Yule
Hayden Pakkala 2004 Okotoks  
Prince Albert
    Hayden Pakkala
Cade Moxham 2004 Chestermere Melville, Olds       Cade Moxham
Tegan Neuman 2004 Okotoks Winkler       Tegan Neuman
Gavin Schmidt 2004 Okotoks Okotoks / Vernon
Prince George
    Gavin Schmidt
Ryder Many Grey Horses 2004 Strathmore Olds      
Ty McRuvie 2004 Chestermere Blackfalds       Ty McRuvie
Kai Uchacz 2003 Okotoks Spruce Grove
Seattle / Red Deer
    Kai Uchacz
Dru Krebs 2003 Okotoks Okotoks
Medicine Hat
    Dru Krebs
Tegan Skehar 2003 Chestermere Lloydminster       Tegan Skehar
Tristan Zandee 2003 Chestermere Spruce Grove / Canmore
Calgary / Lethbridge
    Tristan Zandee
Caden Scott 2003 Okotoks Notre Dame / Canucks       Caden Scott
Kegan Law 2003 Chestermere Spruce Grove / Grande Prairie       Kegan Law
Connor Poffenroth 2003 Okotoks Blackfalds / Drumheller       Connor Poffenroth
Bryce Benfield 2003 Chestermere Dryden       Bryce Benfield
Ryland Semaniuk 2003 Okotoks Red Lake       Ryland Semaniuk
Braedon LeGrandeur 2003 Okotoks Miramichi       Braedon LeGrandeur
Kobe Gosling 2003 Indus Miramichi       Kobe Gosling
JJ Pickell 2003 Okotoks Coquitlam       JJ Pickell
Alex Izyk 2003 Blackie Fort McMurray / Canucks / Battleford       Alex Izyk
Ty Hipkin 2003 High River Fort McMurray / Canucks       Ty Hipkin
Easton Inglis 2003 Okotoks Calgary Canucks       Easton Inglis
Brody Spencer-Ha 2003 Okotoks Okotoks / Drayton Valley       Brody Spencer-Ha
Kyle Crnkovic 2002 Chestermere   Saskatoon     Kyle Crnkovic
Jackson Berry 2002 Chestermere Drayton Valley Moose Jaw / Seattle MRU   Jackson Berry
Anson McMaster 2002 Siksika  
Winnipeg / Victoria
    Anson McMaster
Samuel Simard 2002 Okotoks Drumheller       Samuel Simard
Brayden Kapty 2002 Chestermere Canucks / Okotoks       Brayden Kapty
Moe Hakim 2002 Chestermere Canucks / Bandits / Drumheller       Moe Hakim
Gage Alexander 2002 Okotoks Okotoks
Winnipeg / Swift Current
    Gage Alexander
Ethan McKibbon 2002 Chestermere Drumheller / Melfort       Ethan McKibbon
Boogie Blackwater 2002 Okotoks Lloydminster / Melfort       Boogie Blackwater
Max Kathol 2002 Chestermere Drumheller / Kindersly       Max Kathol
Daxton Budd 2002 High River Canucks       Daxton Budd
Mitchell Dudar 2002 Okotoks Ft McMurray / Drayton Valley       Mitchell Dudar
Alex Frank 2002 Okotoks Selkirk       Alex Frank
Nathan Fox 2002 Okotoks
Grande Prairie / Drumheller / Cranbrook / Spruce Kings
      Nathan Fox
Owen Lugowski 2002 High River Winkler       Owen Lugowski
Lucas Watkins 2002 Okotoks Drumheller / Okotoks / Canucks       Lucas Watkins
Peyton Krebs 2001 Okotoks   Winnipeg   NHL Peyton Krebs
Tarun Fizer 2001 Chestermere   Victoria   AHL Tarun Fizer
Kirby Proctor 2001 Okotoks Bonneyville / Des Moines   Nebraska - Omaha   Kirby Proctor
Zach Okabe 2001 Okotoks Victoria / Grande Prairie   St. Cloud   Zach Okabe
Daniel Lindeman 2001 Okotoks Okotoks / Canucks       Daniel Lindeman
Riley Bodnarchuk 2001 Okotoks Mustangs / Spruce Grove / Ft Mac / Okotoks   UMD   Riley Bodnarchuk
Ryan Conroy 2001 Chestermere Ft Mac / Spruce Grove / USHL   Yale   Ryan Conroy
Hassan Akl 2001 Chestermere
Drumheller / Canucks / Surrey / Ft Mac / Lloyd
      Hassan Akl
Majid Kaddoura 2001 Chestermere   Saskatoon / Prince George Carleton   Majid Kaddoura
Connor Bertamini 2001 Indus Canucks   Albertus Magnus Div III   Connor Bertamini
Levi Young 2001 Okotoks Kindersley / Canucks   UofM Dearborn Div III   Levi Young
Kaden Whaley 2001 Okotoks Northern Colorado       Kaden Whaley
Alaister Standen 2001 High River Melville       Alaister Standen
Caleb Garet 2001 Okotoks Whitecourt / Yarmouth       Caleb Garet
Casey Thomson 2001 High River Olds       Casey Thomson
Jaevon Buschlen 2001 Okotoks Okotoks       Jaevon Buschlen
Cole Clayton 2000 Strathmore Ft Mac
Medicine Hat
  AHL Cole Clayton
Joel Krahenbil 2000 Strathmore Mustangs / Okotoks       Joel Krahenbil
Kale Clouston 2000 Indus   Moose Jaw     Kale Clouston
Isaac Benoit 2000 Strathmore Mustangs       Isaac Benoit
Jackson Salt 2000 Okotoks Mustangs / Springfield       Jackson Salt
Noah Wakeford 2000 Okotoks Okotoks / Salmon Arm   Brown   Noah Wakeford
Zach Huber 2000 Millarville Okotoks Calgary / Saskatoon SAIT   Zach Huber
Tyson Terretta 2000 Okotoks   Seattle     Zach Huber
Tyson LaDuke 2000 Okotoks Drumheller / Kindersley       Tyson LaDuke
Tyler Strath 2000 Strathmore   Lethbridge     Tyler Strath
Hunter Young 2000 Okotoks Flin Flon / Selkirk       Hunter Young
Loedan Schaufler 2000 Okotoks Spruce Grove Winnipeg / Seattle / PA / Edmonton Grant McEwen University   Loedan Schaufler
Jackson Kobelka 2000 Okotoks Humboldt / Selkirk / Steinbach / Canucks   Albertus Magnus Div III   Jackson Kobelka
Gibb Coady 2000 Okotoks Okotoks   Wisconsin-River Falls Div III   Gibb Coady
Malik Kaddoura 2000 Chestermere Drayton / Melville / Camrose / Olds       Malik Kaddoura
Dakota Krebs 1999 Okotoks   Tri-City / Calgary University of Calgary   Dakota Krebs
Matt Quigley 1999 Chestermere   Portland University of Calgary   Matt Quigley
Tyson Scott 1999 Turner Valley
Drumheller / Sherwood Park / Ft Mac / Whitecourt
      Tyson Scott
Kade Nagy 1999 Okotoks Salmon Arm       Kade Nagy
Nolan Steer 1999 Okotoks Canmore / Weyburn       Nolan Steer
Booker Chacalias 1999 Okotoks Alberni / Melville / La Ronge   Plymouth State Div III   Booker Chacalias
Ryan Newman 1999 Okotoks Charlotte       Ryan Newman
Ty Budai 1999 Okotoks Canmore / Olds / Ft Mac / La Ronge   Portage College   Ty Budai
Carter Harris 1999 Okotoks Grande Prairie / Alberni Valley       Carter Harris
Kadan Hanas 1999 Strathmore Canmore / Drumheller Spokane SAIT   Kadan Hanas
Brendan Borbely 1999 Okotoks Lloydminster / Kindersley   SAIT   Brendan Borbely
Coby Proctor 1999 Okotoks Bonneyville / Dauphin       Coby Proctor
Austin LeDuc 1998 Okotoks Okotoks       Austin LeDuc
Cameron Shorrock 1998 Okotoks Lloydminster/Camrose/Nipiwan/Kindersley   Bryn Athyn Div III / Augustana   Cameron Shorrock
Liam Izyk 1998 Blackie Fort McMurray   Boston College   Liam Izyk
Trygve Many Guns 1998 Strathmore Drumheller / Bonnyville / MJHL Regina     Trygve Many Guns
Hunter Virostek 1998 Turner Valley Drumheller   Albertus Magnus Div III   Hunter Virostek
Owen Guenter 1998 Okotoks Olds / Humboldt   U of L   Owen Guenter
Tanner Foster 1998 Okotoks Whitecourt / Drayton       Tanner Foster
Connor Beebe 1998 Okotoks Brooks / Okotoks / Flin Flon   Hamline Div III   Connor Beebe
Mason McCarty 1997 High River   Red Deer/Saskatoon Acadia   Mason McCarty
Adam Berg 1997 Priddis Mustangs Regina / Edmonton Brock   Adam Berg
Brady Reagan 1997 High River   Regina/Lethbridge/Calgary SAIT   Brady Reagan
Kyle Rosolowski 1997 Okotoks English River   Portage   Kyle Rosolowski
Eric Theander 1997 Okotoks Hawkesbury / Orangeville Drummondville (QMJHL) Simon Fraser   Eric Theander
Rhett Kingston 1997 Okotoks Notre Dame / Drumheller / Cowichan   Western Michigan   Rhett Kingston
William Conley 1997 Strathmore Brooks / Ft McMurray   Holy Cross   William Conley
Jacob Standen 1997 High River Hawkesbury   Wilfred Laurier   Jacob Standen
Davies Sheldon 1997 High River Mustangs / Ft MacMurray / Canucks   Minot State Div III   Davies Sheldon
Aaron Mackay 1997 Okotoks Whitecourt / LaRonge   Suny-Geneseo Div III   Aaron Mackay
Shane Fraser 1997 Strathmore Ft Mac   NAIT   Shane Fraser
Carter Seminuk 1997 Strathmore Mustangs / Drayton / Humboldt       Carter Seminuk
Sebastian Kilcommons 1997 Okotoks Trail / Kingston      
Josh Bishop 1997 Strathmore
Canmore / Ft McMurray / Whitecourt / Drumheller
      Josh Bishop
Brayden Biccum 1996 Strathmore Canmore       Brayden Biccum
Conner Bleackley 1996 High River   Red Deer   AHL Conner Bleackley
Markson Bechtold 1996 Strathmore   Spokane / Saskatoon Waterloo   Markson Bechtold
Matthew Forchuk 1996 Okotoks Okotoks / Canmore   Quinnipac / Carleton   Matthew Forchuk
Adin Hill 1996 Okotoks Canucks Portland   NHL Adin Hill
Mark Nerland 1996 Okotoks Camrose / Canucks / GP       Mark Nerland
Garrett Mason 1996 Okotoks
Drayton Valley/Spruce Grove/Whitecourt / Humboldt
      Garrett Mason
Aaron Macklin 1995 High River Okotoks
Kamloops / Prince George / Regina
    Aaron Macklin
Trevor Costello 1995 Chestermere Camrose   Red Deer College   Trevor Costello
Zach Fowles 1995 Blackie Canucks / Okotoks / Melville       Zach Fowles
Blair Oneschuk 1995 Okotoks Olds Spokane     Blair Oneschuk
Connor Tudor 1995 Okotoks Melville       Connor Tudor
Jordan Williamson 1995 Okotoks Notre Dame / Swiss Jr   Cury College   Jordan Williamson
Connor McCallum 1995 Strathmore Fort McMurray/Canucks   SAIT   Connor McCallum
Brody Valette 1995 High River Drumheller / Drayton Valley / Whitecourt   RIT   Brody Valette
Grayson Sharpe 1995 Okotoks Canucks       Grayson Sharpe
Richard Palmer 1995 Okotoks Melville / Melfort   Mercyhurst College   Richard Palmer
Darian Henry 1994 Strathmore Drumheller/Alberni/Okotoks
Everett / Calgary / Regina
    Darian Henry
Tyler Haiste 1994 Nanton Brooks / Grande Prairie       Tyler Haiste
Keaton Lubin 1994 Okotoks Okotoks / Woodstock Calgary
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  Keaton Lubin
Joshua Betinol 1994 Okotoks
Brooks / Battlefords/Vernon/Mustangs/Canucks
      Joshua Betinol
Alex Bechtold 1994 Strathmore Canmore / Drumheller / Weyburn   Briercrest   Alex Bechtold
Sam Johnson 1994 Okotoks Brooks / Merritt       Sam Johnson
Chase McMurphy 1994 Chestermere Mustangs/Vernon/Surrey   University of Calgary   Chase McMurphy
Matthew Plesa 1994 Okotoks Canucks     Sweden Div 1 Matthew Plesa
Levi Bews 1994 Longview Okotoks
Saskatoon / Vancouver / Swift Current
    Levi Bews
Jared D'Amico 1994 Chestermere Okotoks   University of Alaska-Anchorage   Jared D'Amico
Owen Ferguson 1994 Okotoks Bonnyville       Owen Ferguson
Zach Wittenburg 1994 Chestermere Fort McMurray   SAIT   Zach Wittenburg
Rylan Muenchrath 1994 Strathmore Canmore       Rylan Muenchrath
Carson McCormick 1993 High River Okotoks / Bonnyville / Mustangs       Carson McCormick
Tyler Haiste 1993 Nanton Brooks / Grande Prairie       Tyler Haiste
Colton Vannucci 1993 High River Drumheller   York Univeristy   Colton Vannucci
Tyson Valette 1993 High River La Ronge / Estevan       Tyson Valette
Trey Phillips 1993 Okotoks Canmore   University of Vermont   Trey Phillips
Kirby Ruzesky 1993 Strathmore Okotoks / Canucks       Kirby Ruzesky
Steven Soto 1992 Okotoks Okotoks / Neepawa       Steven Soto
Kieth Csizmadia 1992 okotoks Drumheller / Bonnyville / Canucks       Kieth Csizmadia
Lucas Mertz 1992 Chestermere     Marian University   Lucas Mertz
Ryan Midtdal 1992 Okotoks Battlefords       Ryan Midtdal
Joel Paiement 1991 Okotoks Camrose / Canucks   St. Scholastica College   Joel Paiement
Michael Snider 1991 DeWinton  
Calgary Hitmen
    Michael Snider
Douglas Jessey 1991 Langdon Drumheller / Woodstock   Canisius College   Douglas Jessey
Hayden Warrack 1991 Strathmore Estevan       Hayden Warrack
Cory Kapeller 1991 Okotoks Canucks   University of St. Thomas   Cory Kapeller
Sam Prpich 1991 Okotoks Yorkton/Canucks   University of Wisconsin Superior   Sam Prpich
Chris Williamson 1991 Okotoks Steinbach   Concordia Swiss Chris Williamson
Nolan Zarazun 1990 High River Grande Prairie / Nanaimo       Nolan Zarazun
Cody Fehr 1990 Vulcan Okotoks       Cody Fehr
Lane Wagner 1990 Strathmore Okotoks       Lane Wagner
Corban Knight 1990 High River Okotoks   University of North Dakota NHL Corban Knight
Dave Williams 1990 Okotoks     St. Scholastica College   Dave Williams
Scott Brkich 1990 High River Drayton Valley / Nipiwan / Melfort Medicine Hat / Prince George U of British Columbia   Scott Brkich
Shane Stewart 1989 Claresholm Brooks       Shane Stewart
Ryan Corbiell 1989 Cluny Drumheller / Alberni Valley   U of Wisconsin Superior   Ryan Corbiell
Lane Malcolm 1989 Okotoks Okotoks       Lane Malcolm
Brandon Hoogenboom 1989 Nanton Okotoks   St. Norbert University   Brandon Hoogenboom
Chris Duszynski 1989 Okotoks Okotoks   Norwich University ECHL Chris Duszynski
Tyson Sexsmith 1989 Priddis Olds
Vancouver, Medicine Hat
  AHL / Europe Tyson Sexsmith
Brody Malek 1989 Okotoks Okotoks / Battlefords       Brody Malek
Scott Kennedy 1989 Water Valley Drumheller       Scott Kennedy
Keaton Ellerby 1988 Okotoks  
Kamloops / Moose Jaw
  NHL Keaton Ellerby
Greg Martin 1988 Nanton Lindsay Muskies       Greg Martin
Kylan Falk 1988 Okotoks Canmore / Okotoks     U20 Denmark Kylan Falk
Ashford McMaster 1988 Siksika Victoria Grizzlies   SAIT   Ashford McMaster
Andrew Gilbert 1987 Vulcan Brooks   U of Lethbridge   Andrew Gilbert
Jordan Henry 1987 Strathmore  
Moose Jaw / Red Deer
  AHL / Europe Jordan Henry
Nick Colliton 1987 Blackie Estevan / Flin Flon       Nick Colliton
Logan Sexsmith 1987 Priddis Olds / Royals       Logan Sexsmith
Riley Merkley 1987 Blackie  
Calgary Hitmen
    Riley Merkley
Tyler Staley 1987 Okotoks Royals       Tyler Staley
Jason Caines 1987 Okotoks Royals        
Sean Goodwin 1987 Okotoks Royals   SAIT   Sean Goodwin
John Malin 1987 Okotoks Langley/Royals   SAIT   John Malin
Volodymyr Dashko 1987 Okotoks Okotoks,Humboldt     IHL Volodymyr Dashko
Dustin Butler 1987 High River   Portland / Kamloops / Prince Albert U of Calgary ECHL Dustin Butler
Ryan Hyland 1986 Okotoks Ft Mac / Canmore   York / SAIT   Ryan Hyland
Austin Davenport 1986 Okotoks Bonnyville, Royals   University of Lethbridge   Austin Davenport
John Gibson 1985 Okotoks Royals   Dartmouth   John Gibson
Taylor Davenport 1985 Okotoks Drayton Valley   Cornell University   Taylor Davenport
Marc Connors 1985 Okotoks Okotoks
Tri-City / Kamloops
  CHL Marc Connors
Dean Stabler 1985 Millarville Canucks       Dean Stabler
Dare Mably 1985 Okotoks     Briercrest   Dare Mably
Jonathan Webb 1985 Okotoks Okotoks Brandon     Jonathan Webb
Ryan Coghlan 1984 Okotoks Royals, Vees
Rockets,Giants,Tigers, Winter Hawks, Hitmen
  CHL Ryan Coghlan
Kai Magnussen 1984 Okotoks Melville/Weyburn   Holy Cross CHL Kai Magnussen
Joel Rupprecht 1984 Okotoks   Red Deer / Spokane / Chilliwack / Moose Jaw Mount Royal   Joel Rupprecht
Tyler Hilbert 1984 Okotoks Olds   University of Alabama-Huntsville Europe Tyler Hilbert
Paul Mcbrien 1983 Okotoks   Lethbridge   CHL Paul Mcbrien
Chris Beston 1982 Okotoks Olds/Canucks Hitmen     Chris Beston
Sean Connors 1982 Okotoks Kindersley
Hitmen / Mosse Jaw / Medicine Hat
  CHL Sean Connors
Geoff Rollins 1982 Okotoks Crowsnest   University of Saskatchewan IHL Geoff Rollins
Tim Wedderburn 1981 Okotoks  
Prince George
  AHL/Europe Tim Wedderburn
Derek Rupprecht 1981 Okotoks   Medicine Hat SAIT   Derek Rupprecht
Sean McAslan 1980 Okotoks   Hitmen   AHL/Europe Sean McAslan

Chart courtesy of Greg Krebs



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